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A chart that outlines the face mask bulk discount program.Titled buy more save more. If you buy $250 or more in face masks you get 5% off your orders of $250 or more, 10% off orders of $500 or more, or 15% off orders of $750 or more.
A picture of an old woman being fitted for a face mask by a nurse. Face Mask Seller USA sells protective face masks.

Face Mask Guidance

According to the CDC you should wear face coverings in public. That does not mean any face mask or face covering will effectively protect you or others around you. Industrial style masks with vents should be avoided. Studies suggest that masks with thin fabrics such as neck gaiters are also inadequate. That is why we currently sell solid N95, KN95, and disposable face masks. The effectiveness of face masks also depends on other factors such as fit. KN95 for instance must pass an effective fit test before receiving that certification. Masks are also a means to an end. They must be combined with effective practices for them to remain useful. That means adhering to CDC guidance to wash your hands before putting on a mask and washing them when removing the mask. While wearing a face mask, you should avoid touching the front of the mask. Ultimately for our face masks to be effective they must be combined with good hygiene, repeated hand-washing, and social distancing whenever possible.


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